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Bath Abbey and the Transatlantic Slave Trade
Beckford’s Tower and the Transatlantic Slave Trade

Beckford’s Tower Information on William Beckford’s connection with the slave trade

Bath Record Office and the Transatlantic Slave Trade

Bath Record Office – Hidden Presence in Bath. A collaborative research project exploring the presence of Black people in Georgian and Victorian Bath. Young people from the Black Families Education Support Group conducted research at Bath Record Office, and wrote audio pieces based on their findings which were incorporated into a film:

Bath Record Office – Black History Matters – Online Exhibition

Bath’s Uncomfortable Past walking Tour

A Bath Spa University project – Engaging with Bath’s Uncomfortable Past through walking and creativity – Co-Creation Network ( has created a walking tour map called Bath’s Uncomfortable History

Dyrham Park

The National Trust – ‘Colonial Dyrham’ exhibition at Dyrham Park, near Bath

Sweet Waters - Walking with legacies of British slave-ownership

Richard White (Artist and Lecturer, Bath Spa University) Project – Sweet Waters – Walking with legacies of British slave-ownership, revealing reluctant heritage.

Saltford Brass Mill

For information about copper and brass goods made in and around Bath and exported to West Africa in trade for enslaved people visit Saltford Brass Mill.

The Anti-Slavery movement in Bath

An Article by Roger Holly on the Anti-Slavery movement in Bath: Bath History , Vol 14 – 2016. *Please note this is an older article, so language may not reflect the changes that have occurred in this area

Bristol Archives

Bristol Archives – Early Black Presence in Bristol index

The National Archives
International Slavery Museum
The UK’s national slavery museum in Liverpool at
Historic England - The Impact of Transatlantic Slavery on England’s Built Environment –
The National Trust - Colonial Connections

Report on Connections between Colonialism and Properties now in the
Care of the National Trust Including Links with Historic Slavery

Legacies of British Slavery database
Enslaved: Peoples of the Historical slave trade website
Slave Voyages

Slave Voyages: explore the dispersal of enslaved African people across the Atlantic world

Histories of Colour: The British Slave Trade
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